Smart furniture content interaction system and method

Patent number: 11509974

Inventors: Chamli Tennakoon, Subhash Chandra, Amit Goenka



A content interaction system and method allow a user to simultaneously interact with a piece of content using three, four or five senses (such as sound, sight and smell in one example) of the user. In one embodiment, the content interaction system may have a plurality of devices wherein the user may integrate one or more of the devices together.

We have developed an innovative smart furniture solution that enables users to interact with content using their human senses. This groundbreaking technology integrates seamlessly into furniture, providing a unique and immersive experience that engages multiple senses simultaneously.


Smart furniture revolutionizes the way users interact with their environment by engaging all five human senses. Through innovative technologies, it provides touch-responsive surfaces, immersive audiovisual experiences, customizable lighting, integrated scent modules, and even taste-enhancing features, creating a multi-sensory and immersive interaction with the furniture and its surroundings.


By incorporating advanced sensory technologies, our smart furniture allows users to engage with content using their touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste senses. Through tactile feedback, users can feel and interact with the content, enhancing their overall experience. Immersive audio systems deliver rich and realistic soundscapes, while high-definition displays provide stunning visuals. Integrated scent and taste modules enable users to experience content through smell and taste, adding a new dimension to their interactions.

Our smart furniture solution goes beyond traditional sensory experiences, offering a holistic and unified approach to content interaction. Users can now fully immerse themselves in movies, music, games, and more, engaging all their senses for a truly captivating experience.

Furthermore, our smart furniture is designed with versatility and customization in mind. Users can personalize their interactions by adjusting sensory settings, creating tailored experiences that cater to their preferences and mood. With modular components, users have the flexibility to integrate various sensory modules and customize their furniture setup according to their needs.

In conclusion, our smart furniture represents a groundbreaking advancement in content interaction, providing users with a multi-sensory experience that engages touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. With its innovative features and customizable design, it sets a new standard for immersive and interactive experiences in the realm of home entertainment, gaming, and beyond.


Project is a continuation of previous patent applications


Integrate sensory experiences into smart furniture.

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Gaining a competitive edge in the market.

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Immersive entertainment with personalized and customizable experiences.

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Aim to create a unified content experience that incorporates all five senses.

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