About our company

Mailabs leads in patent creation, specializing in revolutionary technologies that engage all five senses. With six cutting-edge patents, we redefine sensory experiences, from immersive smart furniture to groundbreaking innovations. Join us in shaping a future driven by the senses!

Company Mission “We believe in humanity.”

Throughout the World, power and wealth tend to be concentrated in the hands of a small elite. We see technology as an opportunity to reduce inequality and unlock everyone's limitless potential. For this to happen, technology must be more inclusive, safer and protective of individual rights so that everyone can have the opportunity to reap the fruits of their labour and participate meaningfully in the new Internet economy.

This will require a courageous effort from all but we believe we can change things if we come together as a community. In Hindi, Mai means mother and is often associated with being courageous, generous and the best protector and source of help. MAI could also imply the inversion of "I AM", a portmanteau on "MY" or even "Metaverse Artificial Intelligence".

Company Culture
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in every aspect of our work.
  • Foster a professional and ethical work environment.
  • Embracing challenges and promoting growth
  • Open communication and mutual respect
  • Sustainability-focused initiatives
Company Vision

We aim to be a global leader in transformative technologies and patent creation, driving innovation that positively impacts industries and people's lives, while shaping a sustainable and boundless future of possibilities.

The Inventors

Dr. Subhash Chandra

Chairman of the Essel Group, an Indian media conglomerate and founded Zee TV in 1992. He was also the chairman of Zee Media but resigned as Director and Non-Executive Chairman of the company on 24 May 2016. He was elected to the Upper House of the Indian parliament for the Haryana state in the 2016 Rajya Sabha election, as an independent candidate supported by legislators from the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Amit Goenka

One of India's leading experts on RE and Infrastructure, appearing in media, industry and focus events. He was the Founder MD & CEO of Essel Finance (ZEE Group) managing AIF RE debt funds, PMS and offshore fund.

Mr. Chamli Tennakoon

Chamli Tennakoon is a seasoned expert in Product Innovation and Digital Transformation, known for his ability to create effective action plans that address goals, challenges, and growth opportunities. With innovative leadership and solution-oriented strategies, he has successfully filed over 6 patents in the past decade, collectively valued at an impressive 4 billion dollars.

Chamli's talent for unconventional thinking is evident in his ownership of more than 6 patents across the US, Japan, and Europe, all centered around Content Interaction System and Method. His adept communication skills further enhance his impact, enabling him to surpass business objectives and reshape norms within collaborative work environments. With a rich experience spanning 20 years and educational background from prestigious institutions including Harvard, MIT, and LCAD, Chamli is a recognized authority in Cognitive Technologies, Innovation, Consumer Neuroscience, and Digital Transformation. In a landscape valuing innovation and adaptability, he consistently drives progress and sets new benchmarks for excellence.

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