Content interaction system and method - 3 Senses

Patent number: 10101804

Inventors: Chamli Tennakoon, Subhash Chandra, Amit Goenka



This patent presents an innovative content interaction system and method that allows users to interact with digital content using three of their senses: sound, sight, and smell. The system can be implemented through multiple devices that seamlessly integrate to provide users with a unique and immersive three-senses content experience. By incorporating smell into content interaction, this invention aims to revolutionize how users perceive and engage with digital media, creating new opportunities for various industries and applications.


The disclosure relates generally to a system and method for interacting with content using the four human senses: sound, sight and smell. In which parts of the content interaction system are integrated into multiple smart furnitures.


Traditional content interaction systems predominantly focus on delivering visual and auditory experiences. While some advancements include haptic feedback and 3D visuals, the integration of smell into content interaction remains relatively unexplored. This patent addresses this limitation by introducing a comprehensive three-senses content interaction system, which encompasses sound, sight, and smell. By bridging the gap between virtual and sensory worlds, this invention aims to elevate the user's content experience to new heights.

Sound: High-quality audio output devices, such as speakers or advanced headphones, are incorporated into the system. Advanced audio processing algorithms are employed to deliver clear and immersive soundscapes, enhancing the user's auditory experience during content consumption.

Sight: State-of-the-art display technologies, including high-resolution screens and 3D hologram, form an integral part of the system. This ensures that users can perceive content with exceptional visual clarity, adding depth and realism to the overall content interaction.

Smell: The invention includes an scents-generation mechanism that releases relevant scents that correspond to the content being experienced. Safe and approved chemical components are used to recreate various aromas, enriching the content experience and engaging the user's olfactory senses.

Device Integration: The content interaction system can be composed of multiple devices designed to work in harmony. Users can easily integrate these devices to create a comprehensive three-senses experience. The communication between devices is facilitated through advanced software and hardware protocols, ensuring seamless synchronization during content interaction.


This patent introduces a groundbreaking content interaction system and method that enables users to engage with digital media using three of their senses: sound, sight, and smell. By integrating multiple devices and incorporating the sense of smell into the content experience, this invention offers a transformative and immersive interaction, enriching the user's connection with digital content. As industries explore new possibilities for sensory engagement, this invention has the potential to redefine how users perceive and interact with digital media.

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